Ceramic jars make great storage choices during zombie attacks!

PignPotato is excited to secured a great reward for our upcoming Zombie Fight or Flight Kickstarter! Vitrified Studios, a small ceramics studio and gallery in Portland, Oregon, will custom-produce 2 small ceramic jars with your choice of inscription and a choice of 4 colours (red, lime green, black and white).
Vitrified Studios produces utilitarian, simple and beautiful ceramics. Check out the image below of Kickstarter samples that are currently in the kiln. We can’t wait to see the finished product on Monday!
Thank you so much to Vitrified Studio for your support!

Author: pignpotato

PignPotato Games is a group of mediators, lawyers and creatives sharing a desire to change how conflict resolution and collaboration are learned in homes, schools and businesses. PignPotato Games produces games that are collaborative, fun and challenging.

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