Vancouver Pick-up Plans

The good news is that we have seen prototypes of both decks and they look great! The less good news…

We have been warned of a bit of a delay in delivery from our printer. We’re still expecting to receive cards in time for the planned Dec. 17th pick-ups in Vancouver, but we are nervous about getting shipped cards to everyone by Christmas.

Pick-ups in Vancouver

If you’ll be picking up, here are the options:

Dec. 17, 10:00-12:00: Meet Amanda at Old Crow Coffee, 665 Front St. in New Westminster.  (This location is near the Skytrain and intended to accommodate the large number of pick-up requests we received from the New West/Burnaby area).

Dec. 17, 2:00-4:00: Meet Sharon, Mark, Rowan, Darsey, Taryn and Cailean at the Storm Crown Alehouse, 1619 West Broadway, Vancouver.

If you are unable to pick-up at one of those times, you can arrange to pick up from Mark at his office (777 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver) on a weekday. In order to coordinate pick-ups there, please email (Please note, Mark’s office is closed between Christmas and New Year’s Day.)


Shipping will occur as soon as we receive the cards! We have envelopes and shipping labels prepared to go. We know they won’t arrive overseas before Christmas, but we hope many domestic packages will get there! Just in case decks that are intended as gifts don’t arrive in time, we have created a downloadable gift notice for you to print (Regular or Drunken Zombies).  Our apologies for any and all deliveries that get caught in holiday mail rushes!

Additional Orders

We will receive a few extra decks with our rush shipment so we can still take some orders at the Kickstarter prices ($26CAD/deck) until Dec. 12th. After that, decks will only be available at retail price ($32CAD/deck).  Email us at for details or place an order here.

Author: pignpotato

PignPotato Games is a group of mediators, lawyers and creatives sharing a desire to change how conflict resolution and collaboration are learned in homes, schools and businesses. PignPotato Games produces games that are collaborative, fun and challenging.

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