Join (or Design) Unconventional Trainings

Enhance your conflict resolution skills though “cross-training”!

Learning skills that are not automatically connected to conflict resolution might be seen as an unconventional approach to continuing professional development, but we encourage everyone to find at least one opportunity for “cross-training” this year! Look for conferences, workshops, online offerings, and more that offer a ‘sideways’ approach to skills we use in our work (e.g. learn more about conflict analysis by joining a book club discussion like this one; check out events at your local universities and colleges for free (and low cost) lectures and conferences; or attend a film festival with a colleague and seek out films that expand your knowledge of culture, conflict, and history.

Let’s all add a jolt to our training choices in 2019! 

Here’s a few of Sharon‘s ideas for 2019:

ClexaCon(April 11-15 in Las Vegas): Panels and workshops on LGBTQ+ representation across media offer insights into not just gender and sexuality, but also intersectional critique of the media that influences our understanding of folx with different lived experiences than our own. (Bonus for me: Attending last year led Darsey and me to a breakthrough idea for a tv pilot on mediation!)

Transformative Mediation by Distance with Wayne Plenert. Two things appeal to me about this training: (1) The learning model being piloted has the potential to allow for much greater skills training in remote and under-served communities, and (2) Wayne is a highly reflective and insightful individual who lives far enough away that I rarely have the chance to join his more extended trainings. (I’m three weeks into this one and glad I signed up!)

2019 CoRe Speaker Series Subscription. Amanda, Darsey and I are all on the board of directors of CoRe, so this is one we all support. For $50, you can attend eight 90-minute speaker events on a wide variety of topics. CoRe focuses on bringing new voices and diverse programming, so you’ll hear about a wide range of topics!

Some great ideas from Vancouver Is Awesome. It just happened that a few of the courses I was thinking about turned up on this list of 100 experiences in Vancouver! I’m in for the hula hooping retreat! Anyone want to join me?


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PignPotato Games is a group of mediators, lawyers and creatives sharing a desire to change how conflict resolution and collaboration are learned in homes, schools and businesses. PignPotato Games produces games that are collaborative, fun and challenging.

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