Amanda Semenoff

unknownAmanda Semenoff is a civil mediator, facilitator and conflict resolution consultant with a background in emergency services and communications.  She enjoys working with community groups and companies to solve interesting and difficult problems and to create innovative solutions.  In her spare time you can find her dispatching for the fire department, answering 911 calls and coaching hockey.

Watching her own kids play Zombie Fight or Flight has given her a new appreciation for the power of good collaborative games.  Not only can they play the game for much longer than other competitive games, but they squabble less for hours after playing too.

Amanda came to the 2nd Annual CoReJolts Game Jam on a whim and found an energizing group of like-minded people driven to make interesting things happen.  She is thoroughly enjoying the Zombie Fight or Flight adventure and looking forward to future PignPotato games.

Hometown: Born in Edmonton, AB; lives in New Westminster, BC

Schools: Kitsilano High School; University of British Columbia; Justice Institute of British Columbia; Erasmus University Rotterdam (Summer Symposium)

Memberships: New Westminster Minor Hockey Association; Motion Dance Performing Arts Society; Crohn’s and Colitis Association of Canada; CoRe Conflict Resolution Society; MediateBC Associate Civil Roster; Critical Incident Stress Management Team – Ecomm911.


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