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headshot-rachelThe artwork on all Zombie Fight or Flight cards – both the regular deck and the Drunken Zombies deck – was created by Vancouver digital artist, Rachel “Tuna” Petrovicz.  Rachel is best known for her colourful and whimsical illustration style.  She attempts to tell a story with every piece she creates, through unique and expressive characters and a close attention to detail.

While Rachel’s background is in comics, her work can also be found on book jackets, blogs, advertisements, as well as in the form of prints and books from her personal illustration brand.

Past projects of note include concept art and 3D design for Amnia Interactive’s upcoming virtual reality game “The Eyes of Oom“, and as a featured illustrator/writer in the “Amplify Her” comic anthology.  Rachel is currently working as a freelancer, while producing her Kickstarter-funded project, the graphic novel collaboration Good Spirits (set for release in Spring 2017).

Rachel is an alumnus of Mulgrave School, and attended Capilano University and Langara College for their illustration programs.

You can commission your own sketches from Rachel as part of the Kickstarter.  At the $150 (CAN) level, she will create one custom 4×6″ inked commission. Request a personalized drawing of you, your partner, your pets, or whatever you like, up to 2 characters.  Zombification optional!



Rachel will create a custom Deus Ex Machina card for your deck! Choose to have yourself appear on the one card that can save your team from succumbing to zombies! Or choose to have Rachel add an image of a family member, a pet, or … Your choice! What does the Deus Ex Machina look like in your zombie apocalypse?

Rachel’s full portfolio can be viewed at Art by Tuna. Below is the complete set of regular Zombie Fight or Flight cards, including the card back.  Five of these cards are also available as 4×6 prints for $10 each.

backtrack_02   rest_02  combat_02  heal_02  evade_02   provision_02flee_02  skirmish_02   the_end_02  cardback_02

You can watch Rachel create the artwork for the Deus Ex Machina card here.

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