Cailean Meredith

zombie-12Cailean Meredith plays field hockey on UBC’s TBirds, and is pursuing a Major in Anthropology with Minors in Applied Animal Biology and Oceanography. She loves both sports and geekier sorts of games. When she and her older siblings were young, Cailean was always The Chosen One to use the controller on single-player video games (Team Sutherland Meredith needed good thumb-screen coordination), and she continues to enjoy a good puzzle/battle/collection console game. Since learning to cooperate on the shared GameCube, Cailean has taken an interest in building collaborative games that don’t involve backseat driving. Zombie Fight or Flight is the first game she has developed for production, and she could not be more excited!


Hometown: Born in Toronto, ON; lives in Tsawwassen, BC

Schools: South Delta Secondary School; Drexel University; University of British Columbia

Memberships: UBC TBirds Field Hockey; Field Hockey BC; Delta Falcons Field Hockey; Field Hockey Canada; UBC AquaSoc; GISHWHES Team Brown(trench)coats.

Hobbies: Cosplay; Dungeons and Dragons; rugby and soccer.

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