Emily Martin

headshotEmily Martin is an conflict resolution professional and attorney who works with public sector collective bargaining disputes.  Since 2003, she has mediated, adjudicated, facilitated and trained parties in conflicts throughout Washington State.

Emily loves the idea of finding ways to use games to encourage cooperation. While every bargaining table is not suitable for a tabletop game, she keeps a copy of Hanabi and zombie finger puppets in her “mediator toolbox” just in case she comes across a moment where they might be useful.

She loves fact that Zombie Fight or Flight features zombie,s as she sometimes notices parties in conflict slip into a zombie mode as they are locked into a competitive impasse.  She is excited about Zombie Fight or Flight as it is a fun, simple game with great art, that easily can moonlight as a training tool for both adults and kids.

Hometown: From Hershey, PA. Now splits her time between Seattle and Anderson Island, WA.

Schools: Hershey High School, Penn State (B.A. in Journalism), Georgetown University Law Center (J.D.)

Memberships: King County Bar Association- Section of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Washington State Bar Association, American Bar Association- Sections of Labor and Employment Law, and Dispute Resolution

Hobbies: Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs), Photography, and playing fetch with her Boston Terriers

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