Entries for LICRSH (the Legendary International Conflict Resolution Scavenger Hunt) will be judged by a three person team from PignPotato – Rowan Meredith, Darsey Meredith and Sharon Sutherland.  They’ll also set the tasks and respond to questions that come up during the hunt.

Rowan, Darsey and Sharon are all three time members of Team Brown (Trench) Coats as well as Game Jammers with PignPotato Games and long time volunteers with CoRe Conflict Resolution Society.

Rowan Meredith – Captain (Plaid) Tightpants

Rowan has captained a competitive GISHWHES team for the past three years.  In addition to making sure everyone is on task and communicating with each other, Rowan is usually involved in over 50 tasks herself over the course of a week!  Amongst her skills, Rowan is particularly good at zombie roles. She can play a corporate zombie, a hairdresser zombie, military zombie, … There is no doubt that this talent serves her well in law school.

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Darsey Meredith

Darsey is so committed to scavenger hunts that she spent 4 years studying for a BFA in Film Production! It’s paid off in amazing videos like the trailer for the action thriller “Captain Pot Roast“. But she’s also a cheerleader and the smallest person on our team, a combination that makes her the perfect person to dress up in fruit and vegetables!

Sharon Sutherland

Sharon is not quite so easily typecast as Rowan and Darsey: she is frequently behind the camera; encouraging third or fourth degree contacts in distant locations to find ways to shoot crazy site-specific tasks; or acquiring new skills like zombie make-up. There’s a reason Sharon is one of the organizers of LICRSH – her best skill is connecting people together to make things happen.  Here’s a few shots from 2017 that she’s particularly proud of pulling off!


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