LICRSH (the Legendary International Conflict Resolution Scavenger Hunt) is a week-long scavenger hunt to celebrate Conflict Resolution Week (CRW) in BC!

As part of the hunt, you (in your team of up to five) will take photos and short videos of yourselves fulfilling tasks. The task list will be posted on the PignPotato website at 10:00 pm PST on Friday, November 3, and you will have until 10:00 pm PST on Saturday, November 11 to submit your items.

Choose a Team Name

Team captains, let us know your team name by the time you submit your first item. We want to know how to credit you for your work.

How Do I Complete Tasks?

Organize task completion with your team. If the item says “Image”, take a photo of you or someone from your team completing the task or photograph the completed item. If the item says “Video”, record a short video of you or someone from your team completing the task.

Photos must not be manipulated: no photoshopping, no editing, no filters.

Video length: Unless otherwise stated in a task description, videos must be under 30 seconds in length. Video format: If you’re shooting video on your cell phone, remember to shoot in landscape for better results!

Bonus points may be award for excellence, whether excellent photography, framing, execution, creativity or .. whatever it is you bring to the task.

How Do I Submit My Items?

Submit your photos by e-mailing them to Submit videos by uploading them to YouTube, and then e-mailing a link to the video to

What Do I Do If I Have Questions During the Hunt?

If you have questions about how to complete or submit your items, e-mail them to

If you have questions about how to interpret a particular task, ask your teammates! Be creative!*

*Being creative does not include finding ways to get around the actual task if you find that it is difficult or impossible to complete. No points will be awarded if you do not complete the actual task, no matter how clever you think you are.

Items may be shared

Your items may be shared by Mediate BC or PignPotato Games. Credit will always be given to your team.

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