LICRSH Task List

  1. IMAGE: Museum of Salvaged Relationships. You may have heard of the Museum of Broken Relationships. Conflict resolution professionals prefer to remember the salvaged relationships. Create an exhibit for the Museum of Salvaged Relationships including an image of a meaningful artefact of the relationship and a story of the challenge faced and its resolution. (96pts)
  2. IMAGE or VIDEO: Dress as a conflict resolution superhero and visit your local courthouse, community policing office, library, or municipal hall to share the word! (34pts)
  3. IMAGE or VIDEO: Lead a school class (K-12) in a conflict resolution week exercise. Maybe a game of Zombie Fight or Flight? (52pts)
  4. IMAGE: Create a collage, mural, or sculpture that captures the essence of the theme “there’s always another story.” (78pts)
  5. IMAGE or VIDEO: Gather at least 10 friends to spell out an inspirational message about conflict resolution with just their bodies. Bonus points for more than 20 people, or for video captured by drone. (63pts)
  6. VIDEO: Everything I need to know about conflict resolution, I learned in Kindergarten. In fact, I still sing the little ditty I learned then whenever I need a reminder. Let’s hear yours! (22pts)
  7. VIDEO: Create a video (max. 1 min.) of the mediation of a fairy tale conflict. Bonus points for excellent costumes! (102pts)
  8. VIDEO: Get a story from a local bartender or server about how they resolved a conflict between customers. Act it out. (87pts)
  9. VIDEO or IMAGE: We learn to compete early in life. At PignPotato Games we think we should learn more about collaboration too! Convert a competitive playground game to a collaborative one. (66pts)
  10. VIDEO: Mirroring helps us to feel empathy for others. Act as a literal mirror: sitting across from each other, apply makeup in mirror image. (38pts)
  11. IMAGE: Twitter is celebrating #CRW2017 by offering everyone extra characters to get the word out. Using exactly 280 characters, tweet out your team’s inspirational message related to #ConflictResolution. Bonus points if you get someone with at least 2000 Twitter followers to retweet your message. (55 points)
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