NWDR Scavenger Hunt – LICRSH!

LICRSH buttonsNext week (March 22-23), PignPotato Games will be hosting its second Legendary International Conflict Resolution Scavenger Hunt (LICRSH) at the Northwest Dispute Resolution Conference in Seattle!

Join us at 1:30 p.m. on March 22 for an introductory session! Come with a pre-formed team of up to 4, or find teammates there. LICRSH will be an amazing opportunity to meet colleagues and get to know fellow conflict resolution professionals in an informal and enjoyable setting.

Why a Scavenger Hunt?

Here’s how we see it:

  • Scavenger Hunts allow us to practice many of the same skills we use as conflict resolution professionals.
  • Scavenger Hunts are fun!
  • Science tells us that we learn better and retain more if we have fun while we are learning.

So… Scavenger Hunts offer a great Professional Development opportunity for Conflict Resolution professionals!

We’ve identified our list of 10 links between Scavenger Hunts and Conflict Resolution work – both involve:

  • Collaboration
  • Varieties of the Creative Process
  • Problem-solving
  • Movement/Physicality
  • The Power of Silly
  • Sharing the Silly
  • Risk-taking
  • Making “Asks”
  • Tapping into Memories
  • Kindness

We’ll say more about each of these in blog posts this week, but join us next week to experience the ways in which LICRSH taps into all 10!

Podcast on Collaborative Games

Amanda-SemenoffBack in June 2017, PignPotato’s Amanda Semenoff joined forces with C.D. Saint to launch a new podcast called Overthinking Conflict: Exploring the Business, Skills, and Styles of Peacemaking. They’ve been producing great content for anyone interested in peacemaking work, and it’s well worth checking out the whole series.

1514706779673More recently, however, Amanda took the time to record her thoughts on Collaborative Games. Of course, she talks about Zombie Fight or Flight, but the focus is more on collaborative games generally and their potential in shifting dynamics in conflict. Check it out for interesting reflections on the role games can play in peacemaking work!

LICRSH Winners!

We are excited to announce the winners of the first ever Legendary International Conflict Resolution Scavenger Hunt!

The winning team completed EVERY task!

Congratulations to The Resolutionaries!

The Resolutionaries are: Wendy Lakusta (team leader), Cheryl Berry, Tamara Throssell, Sandy Milne, and Colleen Spier.

The Resolutionaries will each receive a Listening Bot (from Gary Hirsch’ BotJoy) to help them in their mediation practice and, perhaps, beyond.

Listening Bots

(Here‘s a few ideas on how to use bots in mediation. We’re hoping to hear lots of new ideas from this incredibly creative team!)


Scoring was incredibly close amongst the top 3 teams! Congratulations to the second and third place teams who are both very well represented in our highlights!

  • Team WinWin
  • The Parleying Pirates

Honourable Mentions go The DenoueMonsters and The Common Grounders who also made the highlights reel for best submissions on specific tasks!

Check out highlights here!

New ITEM #11 Added!

As promised, one final item has been added to the LICRSH Task List.

#11 IMAGE: Twitter is celebrating #CRW2017 by offering everyone extra characters to get the word out. Using exactly 280 characters, tweet out your team’s inspirational message related to #ConflictResolution. Bonus points if you get someone with at least 2000 Twitter followers to retweet your message. (55 points)

Let’s see those tweets!

Museum of Salvaged Relationships

Museum of Salvaged RelationshipsCreated as an item for the first ever Legendary International Conflict Resolution Scavenger Hunt (LICRSH), PignPotato Games invites submissions to the online Museum of Salvaged Relationships.

Inspired by the global, crowd-funded Museum of Broken Relationships, we’d like to hear inspiring stories about salvaged relationships! Tell us the story of a relationship that was falling apart and how it was saved. And share a photo of an artefact of that relationship that carries meaning.

We are launching this Museum during Conflict Resolution Week in BC with its theme of “There’s Another Story“, but submissions are welcome anytime! You don’t need to compete in LICRSH to submit items.

Ready, set … GO! LICRSH is on!

The LICRSH task live is live!

The task list has just gone live for the first ever Legendary International Conflict Resolution Scavenger Hunt! Teams  of five have one week to complete as many of the tasks as possible – aiming for bonus points for creativity, artistry, and anything else that sets their submission apart (in a good way).

Did you miss out on joining a team? Never fear: we welcome individual submissions throughout the week. Choose one or two items to complete and try for Hall of Fame levels of excellence!

And definitely watch out for some amazing items to be posted throughout Conflict Resolution Week!



LICRSH: the Legendary International Conflict Resolution Scavenger Hunt!

Join PignPotato Games in a week-long scavenger hunt for conflict resolution professionals to celebrate Conflict Resolution Week (CRW) in BC!

This year’s conflict resolution theme is There’s Another Story to Tell – highlighting the benefits of remaining open and curious to new perspectives as a part of resolving conflict.

Teams of 5 will complete up to 10 tasks tied to CRW themes.

Why a Scavenger Hunt?

This year’s CRW theme is all about the benefits of remaining open and curious to new perspectives. PignPotato teammates have found one of the very best ways to stay open and curious – and to practice team-building and communication skills, too! – is to compete together in events like this. Most of us have participated at least once in GISHWHES (the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World has Ever Seen) and we’ve found that participation:

  • Builds community amongst conflict resolution professionals (our teams have been heavily weighted with mediators)
  • Offers chances to push ourselves to try new things, share our experiences, and be creative
  • Refreshes our outlook and requires us to consider different perspectives in problem solving to complete tasks

We hope that by bringing together teams with specific conflict resolution interests that we can also serve the CRW purpose of sharing information about conflict resolution processes – but in fun, new ways.

What sorts of things will I need to do?

All tasks will have some connection to Conflict Resolution and/or the theme of “There’s Another Story to Tell”. You might be asked to create a short video capturing a story; write a letter; dress up in an appropriate costume and share stories; engage in acts of kindness and understanding; use your creative talents to sing, draw, paint, sculpt, dance or otherwise depict tales of conflict resolution.

Whatever you are asked to do, you’ll be asked to send an image or video capturing the act to PignPotato. Some will be posted throughout CRW and published by Mediate BC, others will be shared afterwards. All will be part of the goal of CRW – to share information about conflict resolution processes!

How much time will this take?

Each team will decide for themselves how many of the tasks they’ll try to complete and how much time they’ll spend completing them. Recreational* teams may just choose one or two tasks to complete together and have fun. More competitive** teams may try to complete all 10 tasks during the week – or 2 tasks per team member.

Tasks will vary considerably in the time they will take, and the number of people they might require to complete. You might need to engage friends and family for a complex task, or you might simply be asked to tweet out a short note. You’ll always have control over how much time you spend on a task – but it would be wise to plan to have some time set aside during the week when you know you can focus on a couple of tasks.

How do I join?

You can join as a team of 5 by sending your names and email addresses to and paying a registration fee of $25 for the team.

OR join as an individual, by sending your name  to and paying a $5 registration fee. We will put individuals onto teams and connect you up before the event. Be sure to let us know if you want to be on a recreational* or competitive** team.

OR join a team led by an experienced scavenger hunter by emailing and asking to be placed on an experienced leader’s team. These leaders are all members of Team Brown (Trench) Coats and participated competitively in GISHWHES! Their scavenger hunt “resumes” can be seen here. NOTE: These teams will compete against each other only. Prizes will be awarded in a separate category.

What’s the difference between a recreational team and a competitive team?

*Recreational teams are in it to accomplish as many tasks as fit into their work week, have fun, and create a few great images for CRW.

**Competitive teams are in it to win and will be trying to complete all tasks within the week and to do so to an excellent standard!

Both recreational and competitive teams will have fun, but as mediators we are conscious of the value of shared objectives to conflict prevention!

Is there a prize?

Yes. While we believe there’s ample reward in the fun and team-building you’ll experience, we will use the registration fees to offer prizes suitable for conflict resolution professionals. Since this is the first time we’re holding such an event, we can’t predict how much we’ll have to spend on prizes, but all money collected will go towards prizes.

Who are the Judges?

Three of our PignPotato members will act as judges – and will also set the tasks. Sharon Sutherland, Rowan Meredith and Darsey Meredith will award all points and select the final winners.

Is there a deadline for registration?

Well, yes. Before the hunt. The later you register though, the less chance that you will be placed on a full team. That said, you can register right up until the last minute – November 3 at noon.

How do I pronounce LICRSH?

Yes, it really is pronounced like licorice.