Zombie Fight or Flight is live on Kickstarter!

We have just launched our Kickstarter campaign for Zombie Fight or Flight! Check it out and be one of our first supporters!

The campaign will run until November 26th, but some rewards are limited in number, so check the campaign out soon if you’re interested in custom artwork, custom ceramics, or conflict resolution training and game jams!

Zombie Fight or Flight and Drunken Zombie Fight or Flight decks are available to ship worldwide, but if you’re in Vancouver, want to save shipping costs and can pick up on December 17th, please make sure you choose the “without shipping option”.



Ceramic jars make great storage choices during zombie attacks!

PignPotato is excited to secured a great reward for our upcoming Zombie Fight or Flight Kickstarter! Vitrified Studios, a small ceramics studio and gallery in Portland, Oregon, will custom-produce 2 small ceramic jars with your choice of inscription and a choice of 4 colours (red, lime green, black and white).
Vitrified Studios produces utilitarian, simple and beautiful ceramics. Check out the image below of Kickstarter samples that are currently in the kiln. We can’t wait to see the finished product on Monday!
Thank you so much to Vitrified Studio for your support!

Zombie Fight or Flight @ El Santo

drunken_combat_01Amanda Semenoff and Joan Braun will be presenting Zombie Fight or Flight, the newest collaborative card game from PignPotato Games, tonight at El Santo in New West to the Vancouver Mediators Lounge monthly gathering.

Join us around 6:00 for dinner, drinks and discussions about the use of games in Dispute Resolution. Joan and Amanda will bring their prototype decks so you can try the game out and give us feedback.

This is the last chance to play before Zombie Fight or Flight launches on Kickstarter next week.

Travelling with Zombie Fight or Flight and Other Blogs

With both Halloween and our Kickstarter for Zombie Fight or Flight coming up, our team members are taking every opportunity to give people a chance to try out the game in person!

Check out Emily Martin‘s travels through Washington State with a pack of zombie cards here or follow her pictorially on instagram @zombiefightorflight.

Mediators in the Lower Mainland (BC) can join the Mediate BC Mediators’ Lounge in New Westminster this Thursday (Oct. 20) where Amanda Semenoff and Joan Braun will be introducing the game and discussing applications for conflict resolution. More information is available here.

And for anyone interested in blogging, the CoRe Conflict Resolution Writers Group is joining forces with Mediate BC on Friday, Oct. 21 at Waves (100 – 900 Howe St.). We’ll be there from 10:00-12:00 to learn about blogging and create blog posts. Immediately afterwards, Wendy Lakusta and Sharon Sutherland will be looking for volunteers to play the game for a short video on collaborative games for Conflict Resolution Week.

Can’t make it to any of our planned events? Send us a note at and we’ll see if we can find another time or place that works for you.


Negotiation Skills for the Zombie Apocalypse

Join us on Halloween at Cecil Green House, UBC for a chance to learn and practice skills for negotiating with those folks who just don’t respond to usual methods of persuasion.

Zombie Fight or Flight originated from the desire to build an easy to learn, quick to play, collaborative card game with applications for negotiation training. We had this particular course in mind when we were brainstorming (in a non-zombie way) game mechanisms that could mimic difficult negotiations.

If you’re interested in advanced negotiation training, curious about Zombie Fight or Flight, or both, join us on Halloween at Cecil Green House, UBC for a chance to learn and practice skills for negotiating with those folks who just don’t respond to usual methods of persuasion.  For more information, click here.