Zombie Fight or Flight is a collaborative card game. You and a small group of survivors of an initial wave of zombies must work together to reach safety at The End. You live or die as a team. The game comes in regular and “drunken” editions.

How to Purchase Zombie Fight or Flight

American and Canadian Customers

Purchase at our online store.

Or email us at pignpotato@gmail.com to place an order and arrange shipping. We will ask you to pay via our Paypal link.


  • Regular Zombie Fight or Flight – $25USD or $32CAD (+shipping)
  • Drunken Zombie Fight or Flight – $25USD or $32CAD (+shipping)

Vancouver Area Customers

Customers in the Vancouver area can arrange to purchase Zombie Fight or Flight for pick up downtown by emailing pignpotato@gmail.com. We will accept cash or cheque payment at the time of pick-up or pay through our Paypal link.

Other countries

If you would like to place an order for shipping to a country outside Canada and the USA, please email us at pignpotato@gmail.com.  We will calculate shipping and arrange payment through Paypal.


Zombie Fight or Flight can be purchased through:

For more information

For more information, or if you have any difficulty placing your order, please contact us at pignpotato@gmail.com.

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