Quotes about Zombie Fight or Flight

“My kids can play for an hour with no tears and no board flipping.” – Amanda Semenoff

 “The visual depictions on the cards bring the Zombies to life and create an opponent worth defeating.” – Joan Braun

Quotes about competition and collaboration

We point to team sports as an important opportunity to learn the value of teamwork, yet we send contradictory messages to players when we celebrate only the goal scorers or the home run hitters. For me, collaborative games like Zombie Fight or Flight offer a valuable experience in competing as a team in an environment in which everyone’s contribution matters.” – Sharon Sutherland

The fetishization of individualized competition in much of gaming shouldn’t be seen as either natural or neutral. Our investment and interest in the successes of individual gamers is part of a system that broadly values individual achievements and may, even in the case of corporate- or team-based achievements, give credit for success to individual actors rather than the collective involved.” Carly A. Korucek, gaming scholar.

Quotes about conflict

U.S. employees spend 2.8 hours per week dealing with conflict, equating to approximately $359 billion in paid hours in 2008.”Human Capital Report, July 2009

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