International Tabletop Day!

It’s International Tabletop Day!

We taking a moment to celebrate collaborative games and encouraging you to play one today!

If Zombie Fight or Flight makes an appearance at your game day send us a picture and we’ll feature a few on them here!

Plus we’d love to hear which other collaborative games make an appearance this year. Amanda tells us, “My kids are insisting on their current favourite Forbidden Island and potentially my brother and I will get a chance to finish Pandemic Legacy.” How about you?



Zombie Fight or Flight

We’ve been working over the summer to develop a collaborative card game that evolved from a Game Jam in June – Zombie Fight or Flight!

Zombie Fight or Flight developed to meet a few specific objectives:

  • Easy to teach collaborative game that could be used in:
  • Collaborative – players must work together to win or lose as a team.
  • Convenient to carry for training, etc.
  • Adaptable to different ages and experience levels with games

combat_02the_end_02What emerged from our weekend of testing and re-testing was a game that we hope will be used in a wide variety of settings.  It’s easy to learn, quick to play, and lends itself to pure fun or analyses of teamwork.  And now, thanks to Rachel Petrovicz, it has gorgeous artwork!

We plan to launch Zombie Fight or Flight via Kickstarter in late October – in time for Halloween – so watch for news about the game and opportunities to play it.

In addition to visiting our local game stores, we’re planning several game nights for collaborative professionals as we explore the options the game offers for collaborative training, and even in some mediations. Email us at if you’d like to join us in any of these sessions, or follow this blog for more information.