Zombie Fight or Flight Launches for Halloween

Zombie Fight or Flight Launches

PignPotato’s First Collaborative Card Game is now on Kickstarter

Vancouver, BC – October 24, 2016

Just in time for Halloween PignPotato Games is launching Zombie Fight or Flight on Kickstarter.  Zombie Fight or Flight is a fast-paced card game where you work together or die trying.  What started out as a corporate training tool is just too much fun not to share more broadly.

Learning to compete is easy.  Learning to collaborate takes a lot more effort and deliberate practice.  Zombie Fight or Flight gives players a window into the skills necessary for effective teamwork in an environment where learning is fast and fun.

Designed for 3-8 players, each round takes about 5 minutes.  For ages 8+

The Kickstarter Campaign runs October 24-Novermber 26, 2016.  Art by
Rachel Petrovicz.  The game will ship North America wide in time for Christmas, for all of your friends and family that wish every season was Hallowe’en.



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