Zombie Fight or Flight

Zombie Fight or Flight is a collaborative card game, developed at a Game Jam in Tsawwassen, BC in June 2016.  Game Jam participants spent the weekend working on several game ideas with the common focus of creating a fun, collaborative game for all ages.

Zombie Fight or Flight started out as an idea by two of the Game Jammers as a training exercise for a course they are presenting on Halloween 2016 – Negotiation Skills for the Zombie ApocalypseHappily, over the course of the weekend, all of the other participants contributed ideas and suggestions that led to the development of a fun game for all situations.  Zombie Fight or Flight can be played just for fun by anyone over 7 years old.

Rachel Petrovicz (Art by Tuna) created all of the artwork for the Zombie Fight or Flight card deck.  She will also create new art for a special Drunken Zombie deck to accompany the Kickstarter and new (mystery) cards for Kickstarter Stretch Goals.

Decks will be available on Kickstarter from October 24-November 26th.

Because of its start as a training tool, Zombie Fight or Flight will be available in classroom kits (with teacher’s notes), in conflict resolution training kits (with a trainer’s manual).


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