Zombie Fight or Flight

Zombie Fight or Flight is a collaborative card game. You and a small group of survivors of an initial wave of zombies must work together to reach safety at The End. You live or die as a team.

Information on how to purchase Zombie Fight or Flight is here.

Game Play

Players are dealt 4 cards each and take turns playing a card to represent one day in the team’s search for safety. The team must survive 3 full weeks and then manage 5 consecutive days without zombie encounters (fights) before playing “The End” card to win.

There are 4 types of cards available:
– Fight cards: Skirmish and Combat
– Flight cards: Evade, Flee and Backtrack
– Recovery and Provision cards: Rest, Heal and Provision
– The End
Each time the team fights zombies, they must recover before taking any other actions. If the next player is unable to assist with recovery, the team will die.  As well, the group must Provision at least once every week, or they will die.
One additional factor comes into play in “Week 2”: players are able to show one card face up to the rest of the team once they have played a card. This card is intended as an indication to others of what that player might be able to do.  However, the player cannot trade that card with one in their hand.  A new card can only be shown when the previously showing card has been played.
Play proceeds very quickly. As players become more familiar with the cards and with each others’ game strategy, difficulty can be increased quickly by removing some of the Recovery cards.
Full rules are available here.

Using the Game as a Training or Team-building Tool

Zombie Fight or Flight developed to meet a few specific objectives:

  • Easy to teach collaborative game that could be used in:
    • conflict resolution training
    • in the midst of a real conflict resolution process,
    • as a team-building tool or
    • as a fun game.
  • Collaborative – players must work together to win or lose as a team.
  • Convenient to carry for training, etc.
  • Adaptable to different ages and experience levels with games


We offer conflict resolution and teambuilding workshops for classes, teams, workplaces, families, and other groups – utilizing Zombie Fight or Flight.

The Drunken Zombie Deck

For adults looking for a fast, easy collaborative drinking game – Drunken Zombie Fight or Flight!


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