Experienced Hunters

We have several experienced scavenger hunters leading teams in the CRW scavenger hunt. All leaders are also conflict resolution professionals. These teams will compete against each other in a separate category from teams of new hunters. If you’d like to join an experienced leaders team, email us at pignpotato@gmail.com.

Item 15Wendy Lakusta

Wendy is a 3-time “Gisher” who has demonstrated particular expertise in persuasive cold calling! Amongst other feats, she convinced a motorcycle gang member to pose on his bike wearing a jacket made out of fruit leather (which she made!). Here, Wendy is front and centre in her interpretation of  “Groucho-Marx-ing” a fruit. Wendy is also an incredibly experienced mediator, mediation mentor, and trainer.

Emily Martin (Team WINWIN)

Emily joined Team Brown (Trench) Coats this summer as our international star – she lives in Seattle where she works as a Labor mediator and arbitrator. Emily brought us a high level of photographic expertise that greatly enhanced the quality of our submissions! Check out a few of our favourite images she captured!

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Item 108Amanda Semenoff

Amanda contributed many fabulous images to Team Brown (Trench) Coats this summer, including this lovely image of “chickens coming home to Proust”. She’s a creative problem-solver: if there’s a way to accomplish a task, she’ll find it! You’ll also hear Amanda podcasting at Overthinking Conflict.

IMG_0596.JPG 2Dan Williams

Dan will be leading a team from his home in Kamloops, BC. That’s where he also created some memorable scavenger hunt items including finding a goat and a boat for a Green Eggs and Ham tribute. We are particularly fond of this photo of Dan, though: in his first GISHWHES, Dan travelled to Vulcan, AB for a tribute to Leonard Nimoy! Dan will always go that extra mile… in scavenger hunting and in his mediation practice.


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