Darsey Meredith

unknown-1Darsey Meredith is a recent graduate of Simon Fraser University’s film program. She is an avid gamer of all sorts, and a TV buff. She has been making up rules to games ever since she was a kid, and while her sisters are convinced the mid-game rule changes were only to her benefit, she knows that they improved overall game quality… so what if she always won? Zombie Fight or Flight is the first of her games
to make it to production, but it certainly won’t be the last! She is thrilled to have found a group of like-minded folk to bring these games to life.

Hometown: Tsawwassen, BC

Schools: Southpointe Academy; South Delta Secondary School; Simon Fraser University; Vancouver Community College

Memberships: Panther Cheer Athletics (Aftermath); ASL Club at Vancouver Community College; Sidekick Players, GISHWHES Team Brown(trench)coats.

Hobbies: TV Binge-watching; Dungeons & Dragons; community theatre; reading and writing.

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