Local North Shore Artist Rachel Petrovicz Makes Zombie Art

headshot-rachelDigital artist Rachel Petrovicz has been incredibly busy this month with two Kickstarter campaigns underway simultaneously. Her first project, the graphic novel collaboration Good Spirits, funded last week and is now set for release in 2017.

Now, Rachel is working quickly to create additional artwork for her second Kickstarter, the collaborative game Zombie Fight or Flight. Zombie Fight or Flight is the creation of a team of mediators, conflict resolution professionals and gamers from around the Vancouver area.  The group set out to create a collaborative game that was fun, easy to learn, and quick to play.

Connecting with Rachel was fortuitous for the Vancouver group: Rachel’s whimsical style and eye for detail ensured that her zombies hit the mark, being cartoonish enough to be used with all ages while still representing a threat to the team of players.

flee_02Sharon Sutherland, a mediator and conflict resolution trainer who was part of the group creating the team, is enthusiastic about Rachel’s contributions to the project.  “One of the challenges we posed to Rachel in designing the cards was to reflect actions taken by the game players as team, while not actually depicting the team members themselves.  It was important to us to create an inclusive game that didn’t define who team members might be. Rachel was the one artist we spoke with who immediately understood what we were hoping to accomplish and brought her imagination to bear on the challenge with fantastic results!”

Rachel is also providing customized sketches and even a customized playing card as part of the Kickstarter which runs until Nov. 25th.  You can see her work at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1837579030/zombie-fight-or-flight.

Rachel is an alumnus of Mulgrave School, and attended Capilano University and Langara College for their illustration programs.


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