About PignPotato

PignPotato Games is a group of seven mediators, lawyers and creatives sharing a desire to change how conflict resolution and collaboration are learned in homes, schools and businesses. PignPotato Games produces games that are collaborative, fun and challenging.

Pig and Potato Games grew out of CoRe Jolts‘ second Collaborative Game Jam in June 2016. Participants at the collaborative game jam worked together to create new collaborative games. Zombie Apocalypse – Fight or Flight emerged as the first project that the group wanted to see  fully developed and shared with others.

The name PignPotato Games was selected to reflect regional, cross-border cooperation amongst professionals from BC and Washington State.  PignPotato is a reference to the Pig War (often called The Pig and Potato War) of 1859. A border dispute over the San Juan Islands was resolved between the US and Great Britain with no shots exchanged and no human casualties. Sadly, the shooting death of a pig triggered the event. We seek to build upon this example of peaceful conflict resolution through continued cross-border collaboration.

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